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Chairman Message


In my name, I would like to offer a greeting of appreciation to Moharamplast staff who showed great loyalty and served their company with significant effort and generosity. Throughout the years, they have worked so hard accomplishing many achievements. With you and by you we will continue the journey and achieve more.

By applying strategic planning, we have managed to consolidate our company and increasing it’s market share internationally.
By being faithful to our values, team spirit, reliability, responsibility, effectiveness, and innovation coupled with healthy finances and hard work we have achieved the objectives that we had set.

The investments in infrastructure in order to offer better service to our customers, specialized training of our staff, optimization of the services provided, and our outward looking policies are the factors that lead to our development and guarantee our future growth.

Thanking all of you who have trusted us over the years, we undertake to continue to provide products and services of the highest quality.

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