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Research And Development

Plastics are the most commonly used chemical compound in human life. They are used tremendously for the production of usual as well as specific products.
As markets and industries changes continuously,Moharamplast is always trying to use up-to-date technologies for its production to meet the variety of market demands with high efficiency and quality.
Moharamplast seek to create quality products that meet our customers’ needs and with a minimal impact on the environment. We are proud of our record of innovation and continue to heavily invest in research and development. We know that our customers demand the highest levels of performance and value from our products, so we endeavor to always stay one step ahead of their needs through our streamlined research process that features prioritized projects and firm timelines.we can confidently say that we have the experience to make sure that we find the best possible solution for our customers’ challenges and exceed their expectations.
Moharamplast lab is one of the essential departments of the company, because it’s where all the innovation and development take place and product traceability occurs.Our Lab is fully equipped and up to date as we use the newest technologies and advanced instruments to maintain our products quality and efficiency.

Because we know that technological advances in plastics industry is constantly changing, we have a quality control laboratory accredited for having ISO/IEC 17025:2017 to ensure laboratory capabilities in testing/analysis of products/material.

Raw material check

Our competent lab staff check raw materials constantly to ensure the quality of the raw materials and suppliers before manufacturing process. Our suppliers follow the same path of quality and sustainability.

Intermediate check

During the manufacturing process, samples are taken regularly to ensure stability of production process.

Final product check

Our lab personnel follow up the quality and specification of the final product.

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