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Today to enhance vehicle quality and performance plastics are used in automotive industry plastics are the answer to today’s complex transportation needs as they have the ability to be molded into components of complex geometries, often replacing several parts in other materials, which cut down on processing costs. In addition to environmental sustainability, plastics enable enhanced design flexibility and passenger safety features such as shock absorption in bumpers, reduced explosion risks in under-the-hood (UTH) applications and life-saving accessories such as air bags and seat belts.

Manufactures seek for high quality standard and light weight product which Moharamplast offers in Thermoplastic or thermoplastic elastomer compounds, as automotive industry needs the right materials with the right additives and technology to produce *Interior/Exterior automotive parts, Moharamplast developed:

Black Polypropylene Copolymer with 30 % talc content. It contains a well dispersed carbon black to ensure outstanding weather resistance, provide high tensile strength with high resistance against fast and slow crack propagation. It also shows high melt flow rate, good surface appearance, excellent UV resistance and a very high impact resistance throughout its entire temperature range combined with an acute resistance to fracture which is a significant advantage in outdoor applications.

It’s designed for use in outdoor applications, suited for large complex parts. It is mainly used for the production of exterior applications which require good impact resistance and dimension stability.

Thermoplastic elastomer or TPE is a fully recyclable material with properties similar to rubber. TPE can cope with different weather conditions from freezing cold to extreme heat.

It gives a much smoother surface appearance, a faster extrusion process and takes up less space compared to rubber extrusion processes.

TPE can be processed in all plastic process machines ,that it has low density and don’t need to be vulcanized , which makes it easy for us to create your own requested product according to your application.

fiber reinforced composites are  low in price and have superior performance in enhancing engineering plastics. The combination of these two advantages of cost-effectiveness has been widely viewed by the industry.

In Moharamplast we can define the % of added fiberglass according to each manufacturer request

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